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Climate Control Without Climate Change

Heat Pump Outdoor Condensers


The Carbon Trust Energy Technology List

As Authorised Energy Technology List Consultants, we are able to advise on the following :

Enhanced Capital Allowance.

The government has introduced the enhanced capital allowance scheme, which enables businesses to claim 100% of

their capital allowances  in the first  year of investments made in heat pump systems.

Interest Free Loans.

Government loans are available, subject to conditions.

Reduced VAT. On Domestic installations.

We are now able to invoice VAT on the total cost of domestic Heat Pump installations

 at 5 % instead of 15 %.


Some more information about how  you can reduce your carbon footprint and save money by Carman Air Conditioning installing Authorised Energy Technology List Heat Pumps & Inverter systems.


Climate Change

Over the past 20 years, scientific evidence has been gathered which confirms ‘man made’ greenhouse gas emissions have made a notable affect on the world’s climate.  The 1990’s accounted for seven of the worlds ten warmest years on record.  It has been estimated that the world’s climate could increase by as much as 3ºc over the next 100 years.


Climate Control

This is the internal temperature control of your premises, which can now be achieved with less impact on global warming with the help of advanced technology reverse cycle  air conditioning, heat pumps.


Reversed Cycle Heat Pumps

This remarkable system has two main components, the indoor and outdoor units. The two parts are connected with refrigeration pipe work. The system works with the refrigeration cycle, which in the Summer takes energy (heat) from inside the building and rejects it to the outside.

In the Winter, by reversing the cycle , it takes energy from the outside air and converts it into useful heat. It then pumps the energy into the inside unit, which in turn heats the building.

Like a windmill, the heat pump uses free energy from the outside air, but unlike the windmill, the free energy is always present, even when the wind stops.

Because the system is taking free energy from the outside air, even at low temperatures, we are able to produce 3 to 4 kw of heat with 1 Kw of electricity.


Reduced Green House Gases.

Using Heat Pumps, allows us to heat buildings at one third of the power, which directly reduces the emission of carbon dioxide (green house gas) by two thirds.


Reduced Heating Bills.   

Heat Pumps produce 3 to 4 kw of heat for the cost of 1 kw of electricity.