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F Gas Regulations

Are You Inline?
New EU regulations regarding fluorinated greenhouse gases have now come into effect.

The objective is to reduce emissions of gasses covered by the Kyoto Protocol. This affects the air conditioning and refrigeration industry, as refrigerant is classified as an f-gas. As such, measures must be taken to reduce the amount of refrigerant leaked to atmosphere.


F Gas – Air Conditioning Owners Responsibilities              
The f-gas regulations place duties upon the operators (i.e. owners) of air conditioning equipment containing 3kg or more refrigerant, to maintain and utilise their air conditioning equipment in a manner that minimises the risk of  f-gas leakage.


Noncompliance Is An Offence

To avoid prosecution, the operators (i.e. owners) must have the following f-gas regulations in place.


What Is Needed

leak tests:  To be carried out every 12 months, by an f-gas certified engineer.


Records:  which are able to identify each piece of equipment and include details about the quantity and type of gas installed.


Log:  quantities of gas added or removed during servicing, plus dates and results of leak tests.


Identity:  of the qualified personnel who performed the service. 


Statutory labels:   attached to all plant showing the refrigerant type and quantity.


Copies:  of the record should be held as they need to be made available on request to the regulator.


Don’t Panic We Can Help


As a registered F Gas Installation & Service company we can set up and provide the F Gas Audit

We can also provide the additional services


·         A full service to help keep the system running to its full potential.

·         Drawings identifying and matching the indoor and outdoor units.

·         A report on the serviceability and condition of plant.


We also provide Air Conditioning Energy Assessment Certifications for buildings that contain plant totaling 12Kw of cooling.



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