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Switch To An Air Source Heat Pump


Cut your fuel bill down!

 On Average a Heat Pump is a Quarter of the price compared to Electrical Heating bills.

Averages around Half the price for Oil Heating bills.

Comparison of energy costs per 1kwh (using the major oil & electricity providers):

Electric Heaters would cost 10.8p  

An average Oil Fired Boiler (with a COP of 0.85) would cost 6p

Using a Heat Pump (with a COP of 4) would only cost 2.7p


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Why Are Heat Pumps Energy Efficient

& Cost Saving

Heat Pumps are cost-efficient energy applications because they tap into an unlimited supply of clean, pollution-free heat from the outdoor air – all you pay for is the energy to transport that heat.

Heat Pump efficiency is known as Coefficient of Performance (COP)

Which is Heating Output against Power Input

On average COPs generally range from 3(300%) to 5(500%)

Basically for a COP 5 you can get 5kwh of Heat for every 1kwh of Electricity used

Compare this to an average boiler of around 0.85(85%) COP  where you would only get 0.85kwh of heat for every 1kwh energy used


How Do Heat Pumps Work

Air Conditioning / Heat Pump Systems are made up of an Indoor and Outdoor unit which is connected together by Refrigerant Pipe Work.  One unit Absorbs heat & the other unit Rejects heat, the refrigerant acts as the heat transfer medium.

The system can Cool in Summer & Heat in Winter by reversing the refrigerant cycle.

When in heating mode, Heat Pumps extract energy (heat) from the air outside (Even in low winter temperatures) it then increases its temperature, before using it to heat your home/office.


There are two types of heat pumps - air to air & air to water.

Air to Air produces warm (or cool) air which is circulated around your home/office through indoor fan coils.

Air-to-water pumps supply your home/office's central heating system via a specially modified hot water cylinder.

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