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Ban On R22 Refrigerant


Does your AC system contain R22?

R22 is used in over 700,000 air conditioning systems in the UK.  If your AC system is over 6 years old, it is likely that it uses R22 Refrigerant.


As of the 31st December 2009 the use and sale of virgin HCFCs refrigerants, such as R22, for the maintenance and servicing of air conditioning and refrigeration equipment became illegal.


We can help!

Carman Air conditioning can provide an audit of your air conditioning system to assess if R22 is

present, and if so, provide you with a free quotation of the most suitable solution, financially and

environmentally by either maintaining your existing system or by using replacement technology to upgrade.

Please call:  01279 412 314


Interest free loans & government incentives.

The  Government is awarding incentives for businesses to change over to more Eco friendly equipment, these include;  Interest Free loans, Enhanced Capital Allowance Schemes & Reduced VAT.

As authorised Carbon Trust Energy Technology List Consultants we can help to setup and obtain the various Government grants and incentives available.


How does this law affect you?

Users of R22 Systems need to start planning the phase out of R22 & also take into consideration:


·          That if your system contains 3kg or more of refrigerant.  You need to comply with the leakage and recovery obligations.


·          Only recycled R22 is available.  Supplies are rapidly running out and have increased in price by over 100%, which will increase until supplies are exhausted.


·          All R22 systems are now obsolete and spare parts are not normally available.


·          Drop-in gasses are available but manufactures do not recommend this as you would only be looking at about 3 – 6 months run time before major problems with the outdoor condenser units.


·          On the 31st December 2014 there will be a complete ban on use of recycled & drop-in refrigerant.  This date may also be brought forward.


What are the benefits of updating your existing system? 

New equipment can be up to 50% more energy efficient and environmentally friendly.  Which will drastically reduce the Running Costs of the system plus help cut your Carbon Foot Print.


New efficient systems can also save considerable costs in terms of equipment down time. 

If an old inefficient system malfunctions, there are negative consequences to your company and in some cases total shutdown, such as staff performance, manufacturing processes and IT server rooms over heating.